Shipping & Returns

Castello is a family owned and operated business in Quebec that offers worldwide delivery. Shipping is free for orders over $59* before taxes shipped by regular mail in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Elsewhere in Canada and the United States, delivery is free for orders over $99 before taxes, except in the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Some exceptions apply. See all details on this page. To get your products ULTRA FAST, request an in-store pickup and your order will be prepared in minutes. Click on the subject of your interest below and you will be directed to that section.


Return Policy

In-store pickup

EXPRESS delivery

Shipping policy for corporate clients

When you wish to use our carrier to deliver your products, please note that we deal with Canada Post. Our rates are based on their standards, so we do not have a fixed rate. You are always responsible for shipping costs, but Castello Toy Store will deduct 5% of the total amount (before taxes) of your purchase from your shipping costs.

Note that free shipping (over $59) cannot be combined with your 10% PRO discount for schools, daycares and childcare centers.

To find out more about our delivery rates for corporate clients, you can contact the corporate department in Quebec City at 418 380-4666 ext. 224 or anywhere in Canada or the United States at toll free 1 855 538-3383 ext. 224.