Superheros Theme

Superhero Theme

Batman has an incoming call from his Red Phone. The call comes from the Superhero League. The Superhero League voted that Batman is the chosen one to find new members to their League. Invited to the Party, your kids and friends will, if interested, become Future’s Superheroes. They will have to show their courage, their strength their honour and their sense of listening. Batman, Gotham City’s famous crime fighter, is among the most fascinating Hero. Every little boy wants to be Batman and have his superpowers to fight crimes.

Your child dreams of a Superhero Kids Party? This is a Perfect Hit to please him. The Party we will prepare for your kid will be filled with great activities. First, every kid will be welcome by the animator. Next, Batman will ask the kids to warm their muscles up in the Play Room. Then, well trained and fit, the kids will be ready for the next step of the metamorphosis into Superhero. If you wish to, each kid can have their face painted and dressed up as Superhero. Batman will organise dynamic theme oriented games.
Watch out, Quebec City’s criminals, our little Superheroes are in town.

Available Characters : 

  • Batman
  • Capitain America
  • Spiderman
  • Superman

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