Shopkins theme

Shopkins theme

There is nothing more fun than a girls night out! Snoop to find good deals, go to the coffee shop and have a pastry talk or eat candy or see a good movie, these are all great ideas for activities! Discover the pleasure of Shopville Shopkin set where friends like to hang out! There is so much to do and shops to visit, ideal for a true girl’s day!

Have a good time with Jessicake because with her, life is really a piece of cake! She is very warm and understanding and her dozens of friends love her. As soon as you will have met her, you will discover that she is like the icing on a cupcake. With her ideas ready to come out of the oven, she is always ready for her next big outing with the girls!

Hang out with Popette, this super enthusiastic girl is the most talkative and you will hear her from afar. Her friends often say that she should not jump around so much! She loves to draw attention! And for her, a true girl’s night is with a movie marathon and lots of popcorn! See you soon girls!

Available character:

  • Popette
  • Jessicake

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