Dinosaur Hunt Theme

Dinosaur Hunt Theme

Do you like to wake-up with your dinosaurs PJ? Do you like to eat Dinosaurs in your soup at lunch? Do you like dinosaurs in books at bedtime? Me too!

Do you think Dinosaures are almost domesticated pets, such as cats and dogs, but they’re just not seen often because they are rare species? Me too!

We have a lot in common. I love Dinosaurs. My name is Raptor. My sister Stega likes them too. Both of us, we like to imagine we live in a world surrounded by dinosaurs and that we must learn Toutou-Kunfu moves to fight back … if they are fighting. For your birthday, you can choose to have a Kids Party with Myself or Stega and we’ll show you the Toutou-Kunfu basic moves. It’s harmless (if your parents are asking)!!! Dinosaurs are friends; they are nice, as long as you don’t come across a T-Rex.

Come over, join us. We are searching new Dino-eggs, the Choco-dino.

See you soon!

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