Adventurers Theme

Adventurers Theme

Castello offer the largest variety of party Themes. Here’s a reason to never be bored and always have fun.

Our Lost Ark Adventurers aren’t afraid of anything ... or almost. They are ready to reach any goals to retrieve treasures. Palaeontologiststs by day (Dino searchers), these adventurers like the dinosaurs and wild animals decors. There are only afraid of SNAKES.

With Adventurers Theme Kids Party, amazing adventure stories and Treasure Hunts are great. We must retrieve the lost crystal skull. The adventurers might test your kids to prove their… composure.

A “Condiments & Consequences” activity could be part of the party if time allows. Only the bravest will be admitted, because they must taste Snakes (gummy, but still), on a cracker, dipped in Mustard or… We better not carry on with this, because this could get worst and could head right back at you.

If you are not afraid of snakes, or maybe just a little, come on in the adventure with us.

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