Confidentiality policy & Information protection

For both online and in-store, we commit ourselves to make transactions as secure & confidential as possible, based on the highest and safest norms.

We will NOT share, trade or sell personal data.

We keep billing & delivery information to process and deliver your order. That information will only be used by Castello, le Monde du Jeu et de la Fête and the Delivery Service that will transport your order. The personal information gathered from the site will only be used internally. We will NOT sell your personal information and will NOT tolerate a Third Party to use them for commercial purpose.

Personal information

We do NOT collect personal information automatically such as your name, address, phone number or email. Such information would be provided on a voluntary basis only if you wish to do so by ordering products or subscribing to the Newsletter. No personal information is requested to navigate on our website.

Use of personal information sent by customers

Information gathers by Castello, le Monde du Jeu et de la Fête are used for such reasons:

  • To order products and subscribe to our Newsletter to inform on activities days and other in-store promotions.
  • To improve our website quality by providing Product reviews.

Your personal information may also be used for statistical purpose for the Castelojeu website, on a performance analysis point of view. Those statistics do NOT contain any personal information that would identify an individual.

We send emails

We send emails on a regular basis to inform on the transaction progression. Occasionally, we would send our clients information on promotions that might interest. You can select the option to Not receive informational emails from your Castello’s account.

Your security website uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) secure server along with a RC4 encoding system to protect your data, such as personal details used for financial transactions, in order to prevent a third party gaining access or interpreting data while data transfer.

We do NOT gather credit card information.

We do NOT keep your credit card information. Payments are processed with “Marchand Pro” service from Paypal and those information are never memorised. This transaction processing mode uses the market’s highest security level; the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) constantly updating the most recent protection techniques.

Credit Card Processing

While ordering, your personal information are recorded in a server’s protected area, based on our safest way of doing things with online credit card purchases. We never gather credit card information. Every transaction are conducted in store with “Moneris” terminal or with the Paypal service, well known on the market.

Password Protected Accounts

When creating your account, to take advantage on our great account options, your personal account is password protected used and chosen only by you. If you have forgotten your password, account information will only be sent to your personal email address registered in your account profile. Besides this, your information will never be disclosed without showing your personal piece of ID. The account contains the following information: invoicing address, shipping address, phone number, email address and account history. Credit card information is NOT stored in this account.


As most websites do, uses cookies to assure your online shopping experience quality. No personal information or credit card information will be memorised in those cookies. These cookies will not be a threat for confidentiality or security. This is only a way to identify data from your system to ours to facilitate your online transaction. This allows to record information from the Recycle Bin and items selected. If you wish, you can choose not to use cookies. We do not need the cookies to proceed with your transaction. However, the lack of memory could in some cases cause unpredictable and frustrating situations for our customers.

Obtain your consent

By using website, you consent to allow Castello, le Monde du jeu et de la Fête to gather and use personal data described in the present stores confidentiality policies.